Meng Jye (Aviiz) Lee
Wrangler poster_mockup large.jpg



The goal of the project is to rebrand and create a new visual system for a brand that was not perceived well. As a person who is passionate about apparel and fashion industry, I decided to go with Wrangler. Wrangler stands as an American icon; the spirit of those who work hard, recognize individuality and still want a pant that wears as hard as they would have back in the 1940s when Blue Bell acquired the brand.

The challenge of this project was to keep Wrangler's current brand soul and create a new mission statement for them, which is "We encourage people to discover their genuine soul and find their personal style. I chose denim blue and gold as the primary color, which represents trust, confidence, loyalty. Also by using bold and playful layout and creating the pattern to give the brand more active vibe. 


Wrangler poster_mockup large.jpg
Wrangler poster mockup all 02.jpg
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