Hi, my name is Aviiz Lee (Meng Jye is my given name.) I am from Taiwan, and now live in San Francisco. I am a person who is open to new things, new experiences and new skills.

I am seeking a design position in the graphic design field where I can contribute my ideas, and I’m also looking for opportunities to use my design skills.

Designer is always ready and able to meet challenges and missions. Learning is the source of energy, so don’t stop learning if you are still breathing, no matter how small or large it is. As a designer, I believe continued learning is indispensable for designers. Learning and absorbing new knowledge can help designers transform creativity and inspiration into design. I am a person who is open to new things, new experiences and new skills and now I am ready and will keep it charging.

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Hi, my name is Meng Jye (Aviiz) Lee. I am an MA graduate of the
Graphic Design program at the Academy of Art University.
After three years of design training, I have become aware of all
the creative disciplines and information that a graphic designer.
I have extensive experience in marketing, and those skills help
me to inspire creativity into my designs. My design experience includes
branding, visual identity, website design, user interface and motion
graphics. I am technically proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and
InDesign. I am a creative, reliable and hard-working designer.
I consider myself a person who has an intense thirst for knowledge
and learning new things, and who is always willing to try something new.